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Lynda Thomas Bio

Lynda Thomas (Lynda Aguirre Thomas) always dreamed of becoming a singer. Even as a young child, her thoughts dwelled on fulfilling this very goal.

Instead of playing with dolls with her playmates, Lynda imagined that she was a great singer and used a brush as a microphone in order to "perform" in front of her little friends.

Her lofty aspirations didn't go unnoticed by her parents, especially by her older sister Alissa (a talented singer herself).

They were all very impressed by her innate singing voice. And as a state wide singing contest came to their attention, they were quick to sign up Lynda. She eventually won that contest. That was in 1989.

Lynda then traveled from her hometown of Tijuana, down to Mexico City. There she represented her state in the nation wide version of the singing contest. It was there that she was able to meet with music producers Carlos Lara and Tino Geizer. They were both quite amazed by her talent and this eventually led to an invitation to record an album.

But Lynda's parents decided to delay the recording of the album in order to allow her daughter to concentrate on school and to grow a little bit older (she was just a kid). So the album wasn't released until 1996.

From that album, which was titled "Lynda", sprang three songs that quickly connected with it's target audience, that of teenagers and kids.

The songs were Gira que Gira, Blue jeans and El Amor no tiene edad.

Her first album would place Lynda in the limelight almost over night. She got a lot of radio play all over Mexico. She also received an award from a top selling teen magazine (ERES). The award was for Best New Singer of 1996.

Work on her second album started right away. It was released in 1997 with the title "Un grito en el corazón". This album would establish Lynda as the best exponent of Pop-Dance in all of Mexico. Some of the songs included in "Un grito en el corazón" became certified hits over the radio waves. Among the most popular were Dile, Bang bang and Corazón.

Lynda's second album would provide her with even more recognition and popularity among the mexican youth. Magazines that catered to teens would produce monthly polls in order to list the most popular female singers of the day. And during 1997 and 1998, Lynda would usually win the top spots. Here's a sample of those polls as was seen on teen mag "Que Pegue" in 1998.

As the life cycle of her second album came to an end, Lynda and her team went to work on what was to be her third album. For 8 months Lynda retired from the music scene. She only made a brief comeback in early 1999 to participate with other fellow artists in the recording of the song "El Pescador". The song was created as an homage to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Mexico in 1999.

During her absence, Lynda decided to move to Los Angeles, California. There she took English and music lessons. That was a calculated decision she made, since one of her new goals as a singer was to someday cross-over to the American Music scene.

Mi Dia De La Independencia was the title of her third album. Released in mid-1999, this new musical production offered Lynda the opportunity to branch out and experiment with different genres and musical styles.

Going against the wishes of her record label, she dropped the Pop-Dance formula that had once provided her with so much success. Lynda wanted to dive into new grooves. Pop-Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B was now her thing.

The words of the songs included in Mi Dia De La Independencia expressed themes of a more mature nature. The album itself was described by Lynda as a homage to her 18th Birthday.

Without a doubt, her third album proved to be even a bigger hit than her previous albums.

At least 4 singles from Mi Dia De La Independencia became mega hits. Maldita Timidez, No Quiero Verte, Corazón perdido and Mi Día de la Independencia are the names of the songs that helped Lynda reach new levels of success in her young career.

When Lynda finally turned 18, she became an activist and participant of several organizations like Greenpeace and Lazos. For many years she had always felt deeply concerned over human rights issues and the constant degradation of the environment. Lynda made use of what fame she had to warn the youth about the environmental destruction and other global problems.

During that time, she confessed that she suffered from Bulimia and was presently undergoing treatment. She felt the need to manifest her secret, because it was a problem that was becoming too common among many teenage girls and with grown women and even men.

In the year 2000 Lynda was involved in the production of a Telenovela (Soap Opera) with the title Primer Amor: A mil por hora. She was hired to perform two musical theme songs for the teen melodrama. The songs were "A Mil Por Hora" and "Laberinto".

This tv production became such a hit with it's target audience (teens), that a Special Edition of Lynda's third album, Mi Dia De La Independencia, was re-released. It included some acoustic versions of her previous hits and also the theme songs she produced for the Soap Opera.

After her unique experience with the television melodrama (she even did a cameo on an episode), Lynda decided that it was time to work on her fourth album. It was already in early stages of production for some time. But she realized that it required all of her attention, and she pushed everything aside to work on it.

So it was that in late 2001 the world saw a new album and a totally new Lynda. The album was titled "Polen". It contained 11 songs, most of them written by Lynda herself. Yes, she was now officially a composer!

From this fourth album, 3 songs stood out: Lo Mejor de Mí, Mala Leche, and Para Tí.

"Polen" included songs that dealt with many issues. Mostly about love and the empowerment of women. Lynda demanded respect for women in her songs.

And she certainly was very brave to propel her message of equality in countries where women are still considered 2nd class citizens.

After the release and promotion of her fourth album, Lynda took a long hiatus from the music arena. She used that time to continue her studies (English and music) and to write some songs (some of them were performed by other artists).

So it was that in 2006 it was revealed that Lynda Thomas was writing and producing songs for teen pop band RBD. It was during this stage of her career, that Lynda adopted the name "Lynda Thomas" as her artistic name for the first time ever. Before it had just been "Lynda".

Currently her fifth album is set to be released in 2006 or 2007.

General stuff on Lynda

  • Artistic Name: Lynda Thomas (Lyndus Thomasinus).

  • Real Name: Lynda Aguirre Thomas.

  • Birth Date: December 21st, 1981. Born in Tijuana, B.C., México.

    (Note: The following data is subject to biological changes... and her SHOES!)

  • Height: 5.6 Ft.

  • Weight: 110 pounds.


    "I really value the things that I have. During my tours, I have met people who do not have even half of what I have. They lack material and emotional support"--Lynda (1998)
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