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Well, right here on this page you'll find the album covers from all of Lynda's albums. And also a brief description of each.

If you desire to read the words of every song included in all of Lynda's albums, then you MUST be able to read spanish and be able to click: HERE!

[1996]----- Lynda

This album was released in 1996 and basically, it was a dream come true for 14 year old Lynda. Within a year of it's release, 3 singles from this album became hits in every corner of Mexico. The singles were "Gira que gira"; "Blue Jeans" and "El amor no tiene edad".

In total the album was composed of 10 songs:

1. Sólo Contigo
2. Ya No Hay
3. Blue Jeans
4. Inseparables
5. Chicos
6. Muriendo por él
7. Gira que Gira
8. El amor no tiene edad
9. La chica de tus sueños
10. Las cosas diferentes

In Mexico and I guess everywhere else, record labels considered it vital for a singer to have an image. It was no different for Lynda. During the promotion of her first album she wore little backpacks that made many girls go "Hey, I want one of those!". It was indeed an important part of her image. Because to some clueless saps that couldn't remember her name (Guilty!--webmaster), Lynda was simply the "niña de la mochilita" (the girl with the tiny backpack). She didn't go unnoticed.

She also used accessories based on 60's icon "smiley" (these days better known as emoticon) and she usually wore hats. And yeah, let's not forget about those white sneakers with the thickened soles that Lynda wore back in the day. Just the heels had to be like 3 or 4 inch thick. o_O

However.... it was her melodic singing voice that enraptured music lovers.

[1997]----- Un grito en el corazón

With this album Lynda gave her fans something to dance about. "Dile"; Bang bang" and "Corazón" are some of the pop-dance hit singles that spawned from Un grito en el corazón (1997). Produced by Carlos Lara, this album proved Lynda to be a gifted and talented young lady!

The album was composed of 11 songs:

1. Bailando
2. Un Grito En El Corazón
3. Dile
4. Tanto tanto
5. No puedo No quiero
6. Sálvame
7. Corazón
8. No puedo olvidarme de tí
9. Como vivir sin ellos
10. Hazlo tu mismo
11. Bang bang

Lynda changed her looks for this new album. She wore halter tops and platform shoes. Occasionally, she even wore a belt buckle like the kind you find in a car. And that ain't no lie.

[1999]----- Mi dia de la independencia

With this album Lynda decided that it was time to try something new. Defying expectations, Lynda broke away from the same old formula that allowed her to enjoy a comfortable niche within the mexican music scene. That was something no other young artists from Mexico ever dared to do. But for Lynda, it was only natural to move on and offer her fans something new.

She experimented with hip-hop, R&B, rock-pop and several other musical styles in order to come up with a unique sound of her own.

The album was composed of 12 songs:

1. Mi dia de la independencia
2. Ahí estaré
3. No quiero verte
4. Vivir sin el
5. Corazón perdido
6. Principe azul
7. Maldita Timidez
8. Pienso en tí
9. Girando
10. Voy a seguir
11. Por última vez
12. Con el alma en la piel

This album was a huge success for Lynda. It made it possible for her to finally promote her music in several other countries from Latin America and Europe. Her best songs from this album included: Maldita timidez, No quiero verte, and Corazón perdido.

Lynda's image changed once more with this album. Her hair was braided and she perplexed the public by wearing jeans while also wearing a dress at the same time. You go girl! Wah-haa!

[2001]----- Polen

This album is quite special. The songs from "Polen" deal with very human issues, most of them having to do with the empowerment of women by simply demanding respect in every aspect of their lives. However, all the songs possess different connotations that can be interpreted by the listener as she or he sees fit.

With "Polen", not only does Lynda sings but she also writes the songs! How cool is that?

The album was composed of 11 songs:

1. Mala leche
2. Estoy viva
3. Lo mejor de mí
4. Amar así
5. Perdedor
6. Ay, ay, ay
7. Para tí
8. De pie
9. En el andén
10. Abrazame
11. Polen

Lynda herself described the idea behind the title of the album as follows:

"Mi generation ceased to be a flower that seeks to be pollinated. Today, we are the pollen! And we're dispersed everywhere sowing our ideas and our philosophy in some while causing allergy among others".

Lynda's image for this album made quite an impression. She now sported a rastafarian hairdo. Her physical appearance was a bit shocking to some of her fans. She was now extremely thin. Lynda herself assured her fans that her thinness was a result of following a vegetarian diet. Anywhoo.... to Europeans she might look fat, but to her hispanic & latino fans, she looks mighty hungry!


"I'm bothered by the fact that indigenous (women) are repressed by the simple fact that they're women. And their future is restricted. I'm bugged by a lot of things concerning women in general. The list is large, but I hope that we can begin to change things"--Lynda (Nov. 2001)
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